Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapies

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Sebastopol

PEMF Therapy has it's roots in the earth and the soft "schumann tone" pulsation which is a magnetic field that surrounds and permeates the earth. Discovered by scientists along time ago, NASA proved it's worth by using that tone to help combat the disorientation felt in space. They realized that human bodies need this earth pulse, in order to feel good and have everything working in harmony.

With the advanced technology at my office, we can enhance the presence of that healing magnetism a hundred fold, by placing it close to your body. My system uses only low frequency audio technology (which makes it incredibly safe) the converts the pure earth tones to ultra slow sound waves, create silent pain relief and magnetic inflammation management from the harmonic vibrating of the body tissues.  

Why is PEMF different than using fixed neodymium magnets for pain relief? 

Other magnets (that work good for pain but nowhere near as bio-harmonizing) have a fixed North-South direction, it can help "orient" the cells and the blood (because your blood has iron and is a "polar" molecule which responds to magnets), however , it cannot harmonize, be harmonization is the greater process of rhythm. With Pulsed Magnet Therapy, we can introduce both orientation, and rhythm, deep into all the body cells, because the magnet is alternating.  Our magnets switch their polarity sometimes fourteen times per second, or sometimes seven, depending on the brainwave we are trying to find.  In general, visiting all the natural brainwave pulses (7hz, 8hz, 9hz, 10hz, 12hz, 14hz) is essential during a session, and it is energizing and refining for the tissues and nerves, not to mention being able to help the mind relax and the perception of pain to evaporate.

What is the new portable Genesis IE Torsion Generator?

The Genesis IE is the worlds first mobile, wireless field generator, which uses all-natural sine wave pulsation replication, with low noice and high output circuitry.  It can broad cast the same neurologically healing tones as many product on the market, but it does so at 30x the radiating power.  It is the first portable machine which rivals the desk-sized PEMF machines in many clinicians offices. 

Experience the best world clean, filtered, natural magnetism!  By using a "silent sound speaker" we use a devices that silently broadcasts a ultra slow pulsation sound wave, which is very balancing and grounding for the body. Michael's custom composed and meticulously researched PEMF soundwave programs are the top combination of the best frequencies for general health and vitality. His 30 min infra-sound journey and mini cranio session is emphasizing attuning to the native earth tones, and the higher order octaves, such as the notes discovered by nasa, as well as those found in the great pyramid of giza, and the sacred numeral frequencies in the infra-sound range (7-40 hz). 

After 5 years of research into esoteric and advanced planetary frequencies, Michael has developed a custom "infra-sound" device which is portable and easy to use on various part of the body during a session. Michael's PEMF therapy is custom deisgned for heightened awareness and contains relaxing and vitalizing tones is like no other.  

What will I experience in an Infra-Sound Session?

A bath consisting of Crystal bowls along with a 26 minute amplified relaxing silent-tone nervous system regulating brainwave pulsation session, which helps stimulate vitality in all the regulating and the electromagnetic exchange systems of the body.  Therefore we can enhance atp and increase cell voltage, helping normal tissue, joint, brain, nerve, and cell function. Best of all PEMF is so effective that it creates results like a nap and a bodyworkout all at once, your whole aura will feel stronger, and more toned. Since is works so fast, PEMF therapy is also affordable, instead of the normal 75 minutes for craniosacral, a PEMF therapy session is only 30 minutes, and costs only $60!


PEMF Therapy re-energizes cells by creating a mild current wirelesly, it stops the release of pain an inflammatory mediators, improves micro-circulation, boosts cell metabolism, and enhances cell regeneration , and increases cellular genesis and oxygen intake. 


Unlike bad emf (high frequency) our machine uses only sound waves (low frequency), to deliver the Earth Tones. This helps improve cell function, especially in areas of chronic pain. 

PEMF Research

IN 3RD PARTY STUDIES, SCIENTISTS SAW THAT PEMF THERAPY may good for: Arthritis, Edema, Inflammation, Nerve Repair, Bone and Muscle Healing, Wound Healing, Pelvic Pain, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Nerve Pain, Migraine, Range of Motion, Tendinitis, General Pain, Stress, Sports, Injuries, Fatigue

PEMF Therapy is FDA approved for working on a cellular level to produce the same effect sand benefits as physical exercise, but without hte stress and strain upon your muscles and bone