Rev. Michael Z - EFT, BCT, Reiki, Biodynamic Myofascial Unwinding

After studying with Reiki and Shiatsu teachers in 2010-2012 Michael found his bodywork and massage deepen through the school of Dynamic Stillness and Touch of Presence, a multi-year biodynamic craniosacral immersion. In 2019, after deep study of stillness touch and craniosacral unwinding, Michael completed his mentorship from the school of Biodynamic Cranial Approach. Michael practices trigger point release, biodynamic craniosacral, relaxation, unwinding, and gentle myofascial release, so that you can emerge from tension and experience the pure breath. You can reach him via text at (650) 308-8943‬ , or just come on in for a session. 

"I was drawn to work with Michael because he emanates kindness and compassion and I appreciate his vulnerability and wisdom. I would describe him as a patient, compassionate, wise, leader and I would recommend his work to anyone who wants relief from tension and suffering or are ready to receive support to relax and receive." ~ Pia Litz

"Michael is an intuitive and skillful touch with empathy, compassion, and a remarkable ability to ask good questions. He has helped me many times in my life by leading me from confusion to clarity and peace. I would know myself far less without the gifts Michael's sessions have given me. He helped me see many of the answers I was looking for were already inside me, I just needed help to let go enough and get quiet enough inside to hear the answers. He helped me see my underlying desires and helped me feel confident to make choices in integrity." ~ Nicholas Wenner